KARSTEN DECOR | Acquablock Refúgio

The Refuge collection celebrates the simple and comforting aspects of being outdoors! The rustic textures, the coolness of the breeze between the shade of the foliage, the brightness of the sea and the warmth of the sun express the desire to live in the open air. The moments in the external areas suggest a conviviality in scenarios created for the rest. Accept the invitation to slow down from the routine and rest in the Refuge of the Acquablock collection.

KARSTEN DECOR | Marble Miragem

Imagine oasis of prints. Imagine a wealth of life-filled colors for the environments. Imagine a carefully created harmonic look. The dry tones of the desert, mixed with the joy of the Zelliges, invite you to take refuge in the warmth of the home. Coated by the new Marble collection. Get to know and enjoy the most real Mirage you can imagine.

KARSTEN DECOR | Acquablock 2017 Selva Urbana

Immersed in an urban jungle surrounded by the exuberance of the exotic Brazilian flora, we brought plants of unusual species with the freshness of the green nuances in an open forest that proposes the integration of the urban look with the contact with nature outdoors. The Acquablock Collection features contemporary foliage prints with tropical elements in dark background and soft tones, ideal for those who want to subtly decorate environments that need Karsten Decor’s waterproof Acquablock practicality.


SOFTMAX is a unique Karsten finish consisting of adding air between the cotton fibers, ensuring better absorbent, bulkier and more comfortable towels. It’s a lot nicer for you.