Erika is from Brazil and Wallace is a Kiwi, and together we’ve created Braziwi.

Erika was born in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil and grew up with a very creative Mum, who taught her a lot about creative design and decoration.  When Erika left school her first job included selling Karsten products and she always remembered their high quality, vibrant colours and designs.  Erika arrived in New Zealand in Feb 2006, and over the years since then she noticed that those vibrant colours and designs were largely missing from the home decor in New Zealand.  Whilst completing an interior design course in late 2013, the opportunity arose to start a new business, and she was inspired to approach Karsten.  After a couple of years of research, with business planning support from husband Wallace, Braziwi Ltd was born and soon appointed as Karsten’s exclusive distributor for New Zealand and Oceania, in early 2016.

Karsten is a family owned business that recently celebrated it’s 135th Anniversary in Blumenau, Santa Catarina;  where, from relatively humble beginnings it has grown to become one of the largest and most successful cotton textile manufacturers and exporters in Brazil.  Karsten manufactures products for some very famous brands, but is slowly becoming recognised outside South America in it’s own right.  Karsten is known for it’s high quality, innovative designs, and leading manufacturing techniques, as well as being recognised for many environmental and recycling initiatives.