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Santa Luzia Hammocks and Decoration We produce Hammocks and Textile products in an ethical, responsible and sustainable manner, with the use of organic colour cotton and recycled cotton yarn Santa Luzia Hammocks and Textiles appeared in the Brazilian Northeast, in the backlands of Paraiba, to promote the welfare of the people.

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Refugio New Acquablock Collection

The Acquablock collection brings refuge as its theme, celebrating the basic and comforting aspects of being out of doors! The rustic textures, the freshness from the breeze between the shadows of leafs, the bright sea and the sun heat depict the desire of living outdoors. The times spent in external spaces suggest an interaction in […]

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Braziwi Kids/ Pet Decor

Aquablock Kids/Pet Decor Collection Pets fill our home with love and joy.  However, most go in and out of the house often enough to track in outside dirt and rubbish.  Keeping fabrics in the home clean can be challenging not to mention making sure you got the right pet/ environment cleaner. Karsten Acquablock fabrics easily […]

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