Braziwi Kids/ Pet Decor

Aquablock Kids/Pet Decor Collection

Pets fill our home with love and joy.  However, most go in and out of the house often enough to track in outside dirt and rubbish.  Keeping fabrics in the home clean can be challenging not to mention making sure you got the right pet/ environment cleaner.

Karsten Acquablock fabrics easily wipe clean and are water-resistant. 

Acquablock has unique technology where the fibres are treated resistant resin, which makes it waterproof.  The fabric has a natural, durable quality and has breathable aeration fabric that is pleasing to the touch.

Acquablock robust fabrics are used for our outdoor decor for cushions, bean bags, pet beds and other furniture that pets like to enjoy. Very easy to clean, using only a wet cloth and chemical-free of any harmful sprays. 

Come to meet our beautiful Dog Foxy and see our “Dogs” fabric collection and or “Meow” collection exclusively at Braziwi. 

You can also view the collection by <clicking this link>

You can choose from our collection if you prefer to DYI we sell our fabrics by the meter.