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Santa Luzia Hammocks and Decoration of Brazil produce award winning Hammocks and Textile products in an ethical, responsible and sustainable manner; with the use of organic, naturally coloured cotton and recycled cotton yarn. ¬†In March 2019, Santa Luzia won the Unesco award in ‚ÄúRecognition of Excellence in Handicraft of the Southern Cone‚Ä̬†

Composition: 100% Cotton

 Dimensions: Full net: 4.20m long x 1.60m wide.( Queen Size)

 Capacity: 150kg.

 Shrinkage: Up to 10% after wash.

Colours Available: Natural & Black

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About Santa Luzia Hammocks and Textiles:

Their mission is to offer a diverse line of textiles and yarn produced ethically and responsibly.  They use as raw material, organic naturally coloured cotton, and recycled cotton/PET, focusing on environmental sustainability.  Connoisseurs of the value of craftwork and the talent of local artisans, they enrich their creations with handicrafts.  Thus, they ensure the social responsibility cycle by bringing in the work of artisans from various towns, up to 400 km away from the factory.  From the agriculture of cotton, farmed by local families, to the production of small handcraft details, they strive to ensure that the country folk can stay on the land, keeping their roots and traditions, and preventing rural exodus caused by the lack of income to sustain their families.  Thus, their challenge in the textile market is to maintain a sustainable production chain to create quality pieces, and supporting environmental conservation.  They stress the belief that quality of life starts from the involvement of the community, the practice of ethical production and the promotion of responsible consumption.

Respect for the environment has gained tremendous importance in the consumption of textile products. Santa Luzia Hammocks and Textiles is proud to offer sustainable and distinctive design decoration items since the beginning. ¬†Their products use organic cotton and recycled yarns, that are woven and Ô¨Ānished with artisan techniques such as macram√©, crochet and renaissance lace, made by efÔ¨Ācient and talented groups of local artisans. ¬†Thus, located in the hinterland of the State of Para√≠ba, in northeastern Brazil, Santa Luzia Hammocks and Textiles guarantees its production through a genuinely sustainable supply chain based on weaving naturally colorful agroecological cotton yarn, ¬†and recycled cotton/PET(plastic bottle) yarn. ¬†The fabrics are transformed into hammocks and articles for decoration.

With this environmentally and socially sustainable production, they ensure employment and direct and indirect income for over 400 families, including farmers, weavers, lace makers and other artisans of rural settlements, associations and communities.

COLOURED ORGANIC COTTON The cotton is naturally grown with the colour, without the use of additives or colorants‚ÄĒthere is no need for dyeing. The variety was developed by Cotton EMBRAPA through agroecological farming(something like BioGro in New Zealand). ¬†In this system, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and other industrial chemical products capable of polluting the soil and water may not be used. ¬†Therefore, the farmer does not handle toxic chemicals harmful to their health and the environment. The coloured cotton from Para√≠ba, in northeastern Brazil, is a product of family farming, mainly planted in settlements and communities. It is grown with guaranteed purchase by Santa Luzia Hammocks and Textiles, directly from the farmer, with no middlemen, which ensures a fair price for both the farmer and the buyer.

RECYCLED YARN One of the main environmental problems in contemporary society is the generation of waste.  So, they choose recycled cotton for the manufacture of their products. The wire used in Santa Luzia Hammocks and Textiles is the result of an industrial recycling process.  The recycled cotton is heckled from leftovers and scraps from the clothing industry (already separated by color to avoid dyeing).  This waste is harnessed to produce new yarn, which to gain strength, is spun again with shredded PET bottles.   Thus, new Cotton/PET yarn is produced.

The art of Santa Luzia Hammocks and Textiles is to turn these threads into new textile products, including hammocks and other decor products.  Among their reasons for choosing recycled Cotton/PET yarn, they highlight:

· A PET bottle takes 300 to 400 years to decompose in nature.
· Energy saving in the production of recycled cotton is 76% and the reduction of CO2 emissions is 71%.
March 30, 2019

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