Karsten Marble Indoor – Siwa Azul

Marble Fabric features:

  • Interior Decor/Upholstery Fabric in Jacquard
  • Composition: 70% cotton and 30% polyester
  • Anti-stain treatment
  • Harmless to the skin
  • Water-repellent
  • Repellent to most of aqueous and oily stains
  • Resilient to home washings
  • Allows for air passage
  • 140 cm wide
  • Sold by the metre (online)

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Marble Indoor – Siwa Azul

Think about an oasis of prints.

Think about a wealth of colours full of life for the environment.

Think about a carefully created harmonic look.

Transport yourself to the most real Mirage you can imagine and discover Marble.  The dry shades of the desert mixed with the joy of the Zelliges (Moroccan patterned tiles) inspired the new Karsten Marble collection and invite you to take shelter in the warmth of your home.




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