Karsten Acquablock – Duna Quartzo


Karsten’s ‘Acquablock’ Fabric features:

  • 72% cotton, 28% polyester(for Strength)
  • Sun resistant
  • Water repellent
  • Stretch resistant
  • Fungus resistant
  • Oil and liquid stain resistant
  • Crack resistant
  • 140cm wide
  • Sold by the meter(online)
  • Important: Acquablock Care Instructions

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Karsten’s ‘Acquablock’ is a unique cotton based textile, designed from the concepts of Biomimetics.? It uses a number of advanced technologies to protect against the action of the sun, repel water, oil and fungus, and to bring more colour and life to both internal and external environments*.? All this with a touch of nature in every detail.

*Caution: Whilst ‘Acquablock’ has proven resistance to outdoor conditions, it is very important to follow the Acquablock Care Instructions to ensure it gives you many years of pleasure.




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