FIAMA Nomad Rings – Blue


Zion Fabric features:

  • Composition:  70% linen  30% Viscose ;
  • 140 cm wide
  • Interior decor/Upholstery Fabric
  • Bio Soft 2 Finishng Technology with the incredibly comfortable and soft touch.
  • This exclusive treatment provides a unique touch sensation, making it perfect for moments of relaxation and rest.

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Nomad Collection

We have prepared a unique journey through prints inspired by the clothing of nomadic peoples. With the habit of constantly changing locations, these people created a unique style, using layered pieces in earthy and vibrant colors, filled with textures and stunning prints. In this collection, immerse yourself in a world of ethnic prints with floral, striped, and arabesque influences.

Each pattern tells a story, bringing with it the cultural richness and essence of nomadic peoples.

The vibrant colors and intricate details reflect the authenticity and diversity of these cultures, adding a captivating and exotic touch to your decor. We invite you to explore this enchanting collection, where prints transport us beyond borders, creating spaces full of personality and originality. Let yourself be captivated by the magic of nomadic peoples and discover how decor can be an expression of freedom and connection to different cultures. Get ready for a dazzling visual experience as we explore the endless possibilities of nomadic-inspired decor.

It offers an Extra Soft Touch, providing incredible smoothness and superior comfort to the fabric. Additionally, our fabric gains a comfortable touch and unmatched softness. This finish is especially recommended for fabrics made of natural bers, ensuring an unparalleled comfort experience.