FIAMA Aquatec – Turquoise


Aquatec Fabric features:

  • Composition: 72% cotton and 28% polyester;
  • 140 cm wide /m
  • Outdoor/Upholstery Fabric;
  • Sunlight – Colours and printing resistant to UV Rays and maintains the vibrant colours for much longer;
  • Durability – Designed for wear resistance and ease of cleaning, without losing any of the original flexibility, nor the natural touch, of the fabric fibres.
  • Fungus Free – Aquatec receives complete antimicrobial finishing, anti fungal and antiviral protection. The Zn2+ formula provides the highest performance antiviral technology.

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Aquatec Collection Colours Everywhere,

The construction of a cultural identity carries traits and stories of people that strengthen over the course of life. Union has never been so present in our lives, and intertwined with this are reasons to celebrate and host. Therefore, colours have invaded the designs of the Aquatec Colours Collection, to celebrate the new times that have arrived! Exclusive organic traits and forms blend among the contrasting fruity florals of the collection, which inspire the most beautiful tables to host! The watercolor sheets with their clay, green, and turquoise colors, form incredible compositions with more than 45 plain colours in the Aquatec collection. Exterior environments call for celebration! On a comfortable sofa, ideas for the future may arise, and on it drawings in trendy colours, like Veri Peri and Bottle Green. Interior environments again may appreciate this collection, the novelty and the new finishings of Aqua Indoor, which beyond just offering repellency, provide exclusive comfort.


Our Aquatec fabrics are crafted with cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, utilizing the finest raw materials to ensure the strength and durability of the repellent finish, offering protection against water, oil, and preventing stains and dust. Using Aquatec fabrics in outdoor cushions and furniture provides a high level of comfort, sophistication, and resilience.

Moreover, these fabrics eliminate unwanted transparency, particularly in light colors. Choosing Aquatec is the perfect decision to elevate your space with style and functionality.