Butzke – Maresias – Outdoor Table Setting


This Butzke – Maresia Outdoor Table Setting consists of a set of 7 pieces:

  • 1 x Maresia Outdoor Table
  • 6 x Maresias Outdoor Chairs with Natural Off-White Straps

This 1 off, 7 piece setting is on display for sale, specially priced to clear, at the Braziwi | St Heliers Shop/Showroom.

Additional Butzke – Maresia Outdoor Furniture items and settings are available ex-Factory from Brazil with a 3-4 month leadtime.

Available on backorder

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The Butzke Maresias Outdoor Furniture Line was designed by Carlos Motta, a Brazilian Architect and Designer, Surfer and Fisherman, and Amateur carpenter. Brazilian, Scandinavian and American influences are highlights in Carlos’ work, and it has always been characterized by concerns about sustainability and social responsibility.

Carlos started his work in 1975 using recycled woods. “Wood is such a noble raw material. To make such versatile furniture requires specific woods, and their main quality is their longevity when exposed to time and weather.”

The wood selected for the Maresias product line was Cumaru, an extremely dense Brazilian hardwood with the best outdoor performance. Its finishing standard, joins high quality and resistance to the fine touch of beauty in a single piece, providing stability and durability to the structure. The finishing is a polish especially developed by Butzke, keeping the natural shade of the wood, highlighting its colour and texture.? Outdoors the wood will eventually present a charming grey colour.

For the Maresia Outdoor Chair range Carlos wanted a light, delicate and long-lasting line, and Cumaru wood also allows using parts with very thin and resistant sections, enabling to mix of traditional hardwood joinery techniques and with some assemblies made with more modern industrial hardware.

For finishing the seat and the headrest, Motta also chose an environmental strap. This strap makes the furniture more ventilated, light and easier to be at any part of your home.

Strap Options – Outdoor Use
Natural Off White Strap
Black Strap
Fendi Strap

Leather Strap Options – Indoor Use Only
Brown Leather
Black Leather